Electronic Temperature Controller
ECO Shower Slim
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Electronic Temperature Controller – KL Telecom’s ECO Shower Slim is an innovative patented product to save water and electric power during the shower.

It can be easily installed in existing electric showers (127 or 220 VAC) and it’s recommended for houses, hotels, motels, inns, retreat houses, hospitals, gyms, clubs and schools.

It can be used also in solar heating systems provided with electric shower. In cloudy days or in case of a larger number of baths, the ECO Shower Slim supplements the required power and allows the water temperature to be gradually adjusted.

Around 95% of the Brazilians use the electric shower every day; it’s the home appliance that demands more water and power in a house.

The ECO Shower Slim enables rational use of these resources by controlling the water temperature and the shower power, on top of providing much more comfort and extra protection against electric shock.

Moreover, this product comes with the exclusive power set-up point to lo maximum admissible power in the shower. Other important features are increased shower and electric resistance life, proper wiring arrangement and a 25-month guarantee.

The electronic temperature controller Eco Shower Slim was tested by UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajubá), and the test results showed 44.1% and 41.6% savings in water and electric power consumption, respectively.

Additional advantages: reduced electric power failure risk, lower CO2 emissions, reduced peak hours and environmental impact
mitigation (cleaner production).


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Electronic Temperature Controller - ECO Shower Slim: ECO Shower may be installed in conventional electric showers